American Type Mercury Sphygmomanometer

Mercury Sphygmomanometer JHSM-8:

-300mm Hg scale glass tubes
-JCPT scenario
-Cotton or Nylon cuff
-with or with out D-ring is available
-Artery label
-Latex bladder with double tubes
-Desk kind
Mercury sphygmomanometer spcification:
Glass Tube (3.5mm) 
Cotton Cuff With D-ring 
2-tubelt Grownup Measurement Bladder 
Regular Latex Tube 
Normal Air-release Valve 
Regular Stop Valve 
Limited Latex Tube With Plastic Connector (25cm) 
* Large precision mercury apparatus in die-solid aluminum case 

* Glass tube of outstanding precision 

* Effortless to go through anodized graduation plate up to 300mmHg 

* All metallic elements chrome-plated with mercury locking device 

* Complete grownup Verlcro cotton cuff with D-ring


American Type Mercury Sphygmomanometer