China High End Clinical Anesthesia Apparatus Machine

China High End Clinical Anesthesia Apparatus Machine

HP Collection Anesthesia Apparatus is consist of anesthesia gasoline shipping technique (incorporated anesthesia gasoline shipping and delivery pipe, circulation meter, oxygen fault alarm and security gadgets), respiratory method, AGSS program (optional products), vaporizer (with temperature, pressure and flow compensation operate, could equip SE6A or SE6B design, could choose diverse anesthetics these kinds of as Halothane, Enflurane, Isoflurane, Sevoflurane ), anesthesia ventilator, anesthesia fuel check (optional gadgets) and body.

Supposed Software
HP-AA600B2 anesthesia system used for individuals whom need inhalation anesthesia, managed respiratory, or support to breathe as properly as checking and display of the patient’s air flow parameters in medical division. Ideal for grownup and young children over 3 many years aged.

Adaptation illness

  1. Numerous patients who need to have anesthetization.


  1. Adopts the electric control fuel driven mode.
  2. With a assortment of alarm, presentation and protection operate
  3. With backup electrical power source.When the power failure is instantly switched to backup power
  4. Use 10.four “shade Liquid crystal display show shows air flow parameters, alarm details, and the graphical display.
  5. For older people and young children
  6. With quantity management, pressure limite varity kinds of doing work method
  7. Employing temperature and flow compensation and zero self-locking anesthetics vaporizer
  8. O2, N2O flowmeter has the linkage,make certain O2 concentration≥25%
  9. With O2 push inadequate force alarm and N2O truncation defense


Operating setting

  1. Air source     O2,N2O,AIR
  2. Air pressure                  280 kPa ~ 600 kPa.


  1. Electricity offer one hundred-240V~
  2. Frequency fifty /60HZ
  3. Input electricity eighty VA

Ventilation method

  1. IPPV
  2. A/C
  3. PCV
  4. SIMV


Main specialized parameters

Adjustable parameters

  1. Flow gauge

O2          .1~10 L/min
NtwoO       .1~ten L/min
AIR     L/min
O2 and NtwoO have internal linkage gadgets, make certain O2 concentration twenty five% 

  1. Oxygen flush                 35 L/min~ seventy five L/min
  2. Tidal quantity(Vt)              0, 20 mL ~ 1500 mL

For adult    250 mL ~ 1500 mL
For children   0 mL~ 300 mL  

  1. MV                 For adult≥18 L/min

                                For youngsters ≥10 L/min                                                             

  1. Frequence(Freq)       1 bpm ~ one hundred bpm

(SIMV mode:one bpm~ forty bpm  Except SIMV mode :Grownup 4 bpm~ 40bpm, young children 20bpm ~ 100bpm)

  1. I/E                         Adult four:one(one:.25)~1:eight

                               Children 2:1(one:.five) ~ 1:8   
                               (Inspiratory time: .2s – 12s)

  1. PEEP                    0 cmHtwoO ~ thirty cmH2O  
  1. Pressure triggering sensitivity(PTr)-20 cmH2O ~ cmH2O(Based on PEEP)


  1. Flow set off sensitivity (FTr) shut, 0.5 L/min ~ 30 L/min
  2. Strain manage (Personal computer)           5 cmH2O ~ 60 cmHtwo
  3. Breathless time (inspiratory breathless, breath at the conclude of the system)(TIP) ~ 6s(≤50 % Inspiratory time)
  4. SIGH                        0(off)  1/100 ~ 5/100                 
  5. Apnea Ventilation               OFF,5 s ~ 60 s
  6. Strain Limit   20 cmH2O ~ a hundred cmHtwoO

Monitored Parameters

  1. Frequence(Freq)          0 /min ~ one hundred /min
  2. Tidal volume(Vt)                   0 mL ~ 2000 mL
  3. MV                     0 L/min ~ a hundred L/min                                                                        
  4. airway pressure                     0 cmH2O ~ one hundred cmHtwoO
  5. Clients with dynamic lung compliance  1mL/cmH2O ~ 1000 mL/cmH2O
  6. Concentration of impressed oxygen      15 % ~ a hundred %

Graphical display:

  1. P-T
  2. F-T
  3. P-V loop

Alarm and protection

  1. The AC power failure alarm
  2. Internal battery backup minimal voltage alarm
  1. No tidal volume
  2. Substantial (reduced) air flow alarm
  3. Substantial (lower)Airway  pressure alarm
  1. Stress limit


  1. Continuous force alarm  
  1. High (reduced)Oxygen concentration alarm 
  2. Suffocation warning
  1. The greatest limited pressure  <12.5 kPa
  1. With O2 generate inadequate strain alarm and N2O truncation protection
  2. O2, N2O flowmeter has the linkage to ensure Otwo concentration≥25%.When O2 shut ,N2O closes at the very same time.


Anesthesia gas Adjustable scope % (volume share)
Halothane ~ five
Enflurane ~ 5
Isoflurane ~ five
Sevoflurane ~ eight


China High End Clinical Anesthesia Apparatus Machine


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