Digital Keycard Cylinder Safe Door Lock for Hotel School Office

Lock Attributes:

The microwave sensing technology of forefront, Even if the card is place in a black wallet, the lock can be simply open up.
Exceptional design for security
Surface colour sturdy and not simple to fade.
Open lock approach: Cards, or emergency keys
Help software and encoder
CE accredited type doorway locks
Assist downloading the unlock information just lately 200PCS
Reduced battery will alarm
Help double-lock the doorway inside of of room (only the crisis card can open up the doorway)

Specialized Parameter:
Power Offer: DC 6V.The alarm point of low-voltage is 4.8V.
Major Substance: Steel, brass
Service Sturdiness: More than one hundred thousand times
Lifestyle Time: 10 many years
The Assortment of Gate Thickness:38~55mm
Recommended gate thickness:forty two~45mm
Excess weight: 3.7KG
Setting Need: Temperature:-45 ~80 levels centigrade  
Effective Time of Opening the Lock: 5 seconds
Quiescent Existing: <30 uA
Mainfunctions of the card systemMa

nagement Classification–completely 15 various types playing cards: Emergency card, master card, multilayer card, floor card, guest card, staff card, backup card, temporary card, report lost card, terminating card, authorized card, cipher card, room quantity card, clock card, clear card Ti
me Constrained Function–As long as the visitor is predicted to check out out, the guest card will be inoperative instantly. Th
e File Purpose–the lock data the most recent two hundred instances unlocking info. Th
e Perform of Keeping away from Disturbing–right after the doorway is locked from the inside of, any card apart from crisis card can’t open up the lock. Th
e Purpose of Alarm–as soon as the batteries voltage is not ample, the doorway isnt totally shut and other irregular scenarios, the lock will preserve to remind the consumer by buzzer. Th
e Access Purpose–when necessary, we can established 4 types of locks which are place-accessibility, floor-accessibility, building-access, and common entry.

Chip amount Technological Quality
Energy 4 AA alkalescency batteries,     DC 6V, Use daily life: a single 12 months usually
Working temperature -10° C~60° C
Static functioning recent ≤ 40μ A
Motor starting up present ≤ 120mA
Open lock time 6 seconds
Antistatic interference capacity ≥ -15KV
Low power alaarm   four.8V± three%
Door not shut alarm Lock will voice if  the door not be shut well 
Unlock documents At the very least 200pcs unlock records
Lasting quality ≥ 100000 times
Use lifestyle ≥ 10 several years
Approved for doorway thickness 38~55mm
Advise door thickness 42~45mm
Common failure price Regular use ≤ 1/50000 times
Lock excess weight three-3.8kg


Digital Keycard Cylinder Safe Door Lock for Hotel School Office