Electronic Power Combination Lock

JCPTic electricity mix lock

9510 perform guide
Color:Silver(vertical variety)

Battery put in:
For your very first use, you should insert crisis power(9V) into DC9V socket. Push button, then press Okay button, when you hear a long “di” sound, rotate the knob clockwise from “LOCK” place to “Open” place to open up the door.
When the door is opened, please install four pieces double A batteries (No.five battery) into the battery holder inside of the cabinet. Then get rid of the crisis electrical power supplier for backup.

How to set new password:
Passwords can be consisted of 1-fifteen digits,and it can be extended-term preservation beneath power failure situation.
When your first time to set up a new password, please press “” button(manufacturing unit defaulted go term is “”) push “C” buttonpress the new password (e.g. 12345678)push “Ok” button. Then the buzzer will emit a lengthy “di” sound, which signifies the new password occur into force.
Summary of new password location:press the aged passwordpress “C” button push new passwordpress “Alright” button  new password comes into force.

How to open the door:push passwordpress “Ok” button Rotate the knob.
When you push password on the keyboards, every time you press a quantity, the buzzer will emit “di” and at the very same time the indicator mild shines, that indicates the enter is valid. Following pressing the password, please push “Ok” button. If the password pressed in correct, the indicator light will be on and buzzer will emit a prolonged “di” audio. Then you can rotate the knob clockwise from “LOCK” position to “Open up” situation to open the door. If you never rotate the knob prior to the indicator light-weight turns off, it requirements to push the password once more to open up the lock. If the password is wrong, the buzzer will emit two “di di” audio, make sure you push the proper pass.

How to lock the doorway:
Rotate the knob anti-clockwise from “Open” position to “LOCK” place to lock the doorway..

JCPTmatic alarm system:
If there are four occasions consecutive input mistakes,lock will give out the alarm, which will proceed for + seconds. In the course of these 60 seconds,if you press the appropriate password, the alarm will quit. This perform can prevent others to crack the password.

The electricity lack prompt:
When electrical energy is scarcity, the buzzer will emit three “di di di” audio. But you still can run the lock
close to 300 time since the lock emit a few “di di di” prompt from the initial time. You should prepare and change
the battery as soon as feasible. (Generally,  ordinary zinc-manganese batteries are accessible for about
1 year, regular alkaline batteries are offered for about two many years.)

The use of crisis electricity:
If the lock are unable to be opened owing to the electrical energy lack,please insert emergency power(9V) into DC9V socket to open up the lock, then please change the battery instantly. Remember to remove crisis electricity when the doorway is opened, in any other case the battery will be depleted inside 24 hrs. 

Emergency decoding:
If you overlook the password, please make contact with your immediate provider for decoding (master password). After the lock is open up, you should press the RESET button at the back of lock. When the buzzer emit a lengthy “di”, it implies the lock be successful to restore to manufacturing facility password “” .


Electronic Power Combination Lock