GPS Container Tracker with Remote Control by RFID

GPS container lock tracker clever container sealing device for container tracking and management

Breif introduction
JT701 is a sort of GPS remote smart digital lock system, which is particular developed for container tracking, checking and management resolution. It is built-in with attributes of: micro electron controlling, RFID, GPS, GSM, etc. 

To start with, JT701 is a variety of container GPS tracker gadget. It is inbuilt GPS, GSM module for container real time position tracking. It is inbuilt big capability battery 15000mA, and assist prolonged very last doing work time instandby eight-thirty days. Water-resistant IP67, and it is great for outside difficult atmosphere software. 

secondly, It is also an intelligent digital lock unit. It help check container doorway position, and keep protection of cargo. Gadget is open by RFID card, SMS command, and GPRS. and it can support muti sorts alarm: lock string cut off alarm, unlock alarm, lock alarm, geo fence alarm, etc. 

Solution Features:

Size: 195mm x 114mm x 37mm
Fat : 1000g( Contain main unit, antenna, battery, shell)
Content:  Engineer plastic
GPS Module: Ublox MAX-7Q
GSM module: Quectel M35
Operating temperature:  -20C– +60C
Retailer temperature -40C — +80C
Humidity 5%-ninety nine%

one. Logistic van truck fleet tracking, door locking and administration.
2. Customs container monitoring and checking project.
three. trailer truck monitoring and administration.
four. Federal government container checking undertaking. 


GPS Container Tracker with Remote Control by RFID