Grow S903 Electric Motor Lock with Fingerprint Key Remote Control Power by Battery

Person Handbook For S903

Complex parameter:
Power Supply: four*AA battery
Stand-by present: 7uA
Fingerprint ability: two hundred or 500 parts (When link with R502,R502-A or R503 have 200 parts)
Fingerprint administration: Set Button or Remote Handle

Recommendations for control board:
one.When utilised for the very first time, pls extended push the Established button to very clear the method first 2.Placing by Distant handle: touch the fingerprint module (wake up the module) before setting.
one.Established Button:  Register Fingerprint: Press Established button soon,system in sign up state and blue indicator gentle flash fast, push finger for every fingerprint, fingerprint register profitable when listening to songs,fingerprint register failed when listening to “DiDiDi” Fingerprint can be registered continuously,hold out a few seconds to immediately exit the registration standing
one.two  Back to manufacturing unit default: Extended press the Established button right up until listen to “Di” prolonged beep and tunes,signifies initialization operation productive.

two.Remote Handle:
Default  password: 123456 Password size: 6 figures
Password making use of: Push: *Password, the crimson indicator light on handle board lighted implies in programming mentioned. Press # to exit. Hear audio indicates procedure successful.(Notice:Touch the fingerprint module (wake up the module) just before placing.)
2.1Change password: Press: *Password*9*New Password*New Password#
2.2Empty and back to manufacturing unit method: Press: *Password**Password#
two.3Register Fingerprint: Push: *Password*one#  (Fingerprint saved in No.1 databases)
Push: *Password*two#  (Fingerprint stored in No.2 databases)
( database fingerprint capability is 100 pieces, the residual ability are shop in No.2 databases For instance: R501 fingerprint module potential is 500 pieces, so databases shop one hundred pieces, No.2 databases retailer 400 items)
2.4JCPTte Fingerprint: Push: *Password*three#  (JCPTte No.1 database fingerprint)
Push: *Password*4#  (JCPTte No.2 databases fingerprint)
2.5 Relay Method Placing: Press: *Password*seven#  (Normally open manner,the lock tongue is indentedrepeat the procedure once again, return to typical open mode)
3.Reduced Voltage Warning
When the battery is lower voltage, there will be a “DiDiDi” alarm audio each and every time you use it. The indicator on the main management board demonstrates purple (R503 LED exhibits purple), you want to change the battery in time to avoid it from operating appropriately.(It can operate for a while after minimal voltage warning)
four.Open Doorway Button Interface(Change Signal)
The door can be opened by short-circuiting the open up door button right (Observe: can’t plug in any alerts with voltage or existing)

Distance in between lock human body and lock capture: < 6mm
1.Set up the lock head: examine the concentricity among the insert tail and the shaft and the depth of the insert gap ≥10mm
two.Put in the major lock physique(the lock entire body need to be in the open up point out), put in the lock latch(the lock body must be in the closed state)
3.Set up the lock cover: link the lock energy wire and debug the lock perform, and go over the lock protect with the fixing screw

Grow S903 Electric Motor Lock with Fingerprint Key Remote Control Power by Battery