Heavy Duty Multi Pieces OTR Wheel Rim 29-22.00 3.0 for Tyre 26.5r29 30 65r29

Heavy Duty Multi Pieces OTR Wheel Rim 29-22.00 3.0 for Tyre 26.5r29 30 65r29


JCPT is a major manufacturer of multi pieces OTR wheels and rim assemblies for mining and industrial application. With design stronger lock rings, heavier flanges and completely machined, precision gutter discs. JCPT wheels have outperform our competitors by increased wheel existence, efficiency and dependability. Our JCPTers not only preserve time and cash, but also ensure their operations are the most productive and safest feasible.

To guarantee service and functionality for several years to come, we carries on to work with foremost tire producers in perfecting wheel and rim designs for long term good results. Moreover, we can JCPT manufacture wheels and rims to go well with your requirements.

Good quality Management:

Profile Part Elements:
    one. Rolling Part, large energy and reliable quality
    two. The materials for gutter part, again section, bead seat band and flanges are made from Q345D
    3. The materials of locking is produced from 50Mn

The Procedure

    1. All elements such as the gutter area, back again section, middle bands, defeat seat bands and flanges are machined by the state of artwork  CNC machines. 
    2. All of the weld beads have to be inspected by ultrasonic dection, the magnetic and X-ray will be utilized in the key weld bead if they are necessary
    3. Every single wheel should be cleaned by sandblasting just before it is hanged on the painting line. All of the wheels are painted with expoxy resin electrophoretic primer or foundation coat, a topcoat( energy and damp) and painted to OEM specification

JCPT Mining
Rigid dump truck wheel rims      Standard 5-piece
39″ series: 39-32.00/4. for tire forty/sixty five-39
45″ series: 45-36.00/four.five for tire forty five/65R45 
forty nine” sequence: 49-17.00/three.five for tire 24.00-49, 49-19.50/four. for tire 27.00R49
51″ sequence: fifty one-22.00/four.five for tire 30.00R51, 51-24.00/five. for tire 33.00-51, 51-26.00/5. for tire 36.00-fifty one,
                  51-32.00/four.five for tire 37.5-51, 51-40.00/4.five for tire fifty.00-fifty one
fifty seven” series: 57-27.00/six. for tire 37.00R57, 57-29.00/six. for tire forty.00R57, fifty seven-32.00/6. for tire forty six/90R57,
                  fifty seven-32.00/six.five for tire 48/ninety five-57, 57-34.00/five. for tire fifty/eighty-57
63″ collection: 63-36.00/five. for tire fifty three/80R63, 63-44.00/5. for tire fifty nine/80R63
JCPT Mining
Rigid dump truck wheel rims
Fast alter 6-piece & 7-piece
fifty one” series: 51-22.00/4.5 for tire thirty.00R51, 51-24.00/five. for tire 33.00-51, fifty one-26.00/five. for tire 36.00-51,
                  51-forty.00/four.5 for tire fifty.00-fifty one
57″ collection: 57-27.00/six. for tire 37.00R57, fifty seven-29.00/six. for tire forty.00R57, 57-32.00/6. for tire forty six/90R57,
                  fifty seven-34.00/five. for tire 50/eighty-57
63″ sequence: 63-36.00/five. for tire 53/80R63, 63-38.00/5. for tire 53/80R63, sixty three-forty one.00/five. for tire 56/80R63
                  63-forty four.00/5. for tire 59/80R63
Ground Mining
Rigid dump truck wheel rims
common five-piece
twenty five” collection: twenty five-10.00/1.five for tire 14.00-25, twenty five-11.25/two. for tire sixteen.00-twenty five, twenty five-thirteen.00/2.five for tire eighteen.00-twenty five
                  twenty five-19.fifty/two.5 for tire 23.5-twenty five, twenty five-22.00/three. for tire 26.5-twenty five, twenty five-25.00/three.five for tire 29.5-twenty five
29″ collection: 29-twenty five.00/three.5 for tire 29.5-29, 29-27.00/three.five for tire 33.25-29
33″ series: 33-28.00/3.five for tire 33.five-33, 33-thirteen.00/two.five for tire 18.00-33
35″ collection: 35-fifteen.00/3. for tire 21.00-35, 35-seventeen.00/3.five for tire 24.00-35
Floor Mining
Articulated dump truck wheel rims
25″ collection: twenty five-19.50/two.5 for tire 23.5R25, 25-22.00/3. for tire 26.5R25, 25-twenty five.00/three.five for tire 29.five-25
29″ sequence: 29-25.00/three.5 for tire 29.5R29
Underground Mining
Dump truck
25″ series: 25-11.twenty five/2. for tire 16.00R25, twenty five-thirteen.00/2.5 for tire 18.00R25, twenty five-19.fifty/two.five for tire 23.5R25
                  twenty five-22.00/three. for tire 26.5R25, twenty five-twenty five.00/three.5 for tire 29.5R25
29″ series: 29-27.00/3.five for tire 33.25-29
33″ sequence: 33-28.00/three.5 for tire 35/65R33
Underground Mining
Hauler/Loader/ Assistance Drill Rig
15″ sequence: fifteen-7.five for tire ten.00-15
twenty” series: 20-seven. for tire 9.00R20, twenty-eight.5 for tire 12.00-20
24″ collection: 24-8.5 for tire twelve.00-24, 24-10. for tire 14.00-24
twenty five” series: twenty five-14.00/1.five for tire 17.five-25, 25-seventeen.00/1.seven for tire twenty.5R25, twenty five-13.00/2.five for tire eighteen.00-25
                  25-22.00/three. for tire 26.five-twenty five, 25-24.00/three. for tire 35/65-25, twenty five-25.00/three.five for tire 29.five-25
29″ collection: 29-twenty five.00/3.five for tire 29.5-29
33″ series: 33-28.00/three.5 for tire 35/65R33
39″ sequence: 39-32.00/4. for tire 40/65R39 
Grader/ Small loader/ JCPTer
20″ collection: 20-ten.00VA for tire fourteen.00-twenty
21″ series: 21-ten.00/1.7 for tire 14.00-two, 21-18.00/one.7 for tire 24.00-21,
24″ collection: 24-8.00TG for tire twelve.00-24TG, 24-9 for tire 1300-24TG, 24.00-10.00VA for tire fourteen.00-24
                  24-11.00 for tire sixteen.00-24
25″ collection: 25-10.00/one.five for tire 14.00-25, twenty five-12.00/1.three for tire 15.5-25, 25-14.00/one.5 for tire 17.5-25
                  25-seventeen.00/one.seven for tire 20.5-25, 25-30.0TH for tire 67×34.00-twenty five, 25-36.00TH for tire 66×44.00-25 
                  25-44.00TH for tire 1250×44.00R25
Earthmover design
three-piece IF
25″ series: 25-eleven.25/2.0IF for tire sixteen.00R25, 25-thirteen.00/two.5IF for tire 18.00R25, 25-15.00/3.0IF for tire 21.00R25
                  twenty five-17.00/two.0IF for tire twenty.5R25, twenty five-19.fifty/2.5IF for tire 23.5R25, twenty five-22.00/three.0IF for tire 26.5R25
                  25-twenty five.00/3.5IF for tire 29.5R25
Earthmover design
twenty five” sequence: twenty five-eleven.twenty five/two. for tire 16.00-twenty five, twenty five-13.00/2.5 for tire 18.00-twenty five, twenty five-twelve.00/1.three for tire 15.5-twenty five
                  twenty five-14.00/one.five for tire seventeen.five-twenty five, twenty five-seventeen.00/one.seven for tire twenty.5-twenty five, 25-19.fifty/2.five for tire 23.5-25
                  25-22.00/3. for tire 26.five-25, 25-twenty five.00/3.5 for tire 29.5-twenty five
29″ sequence: 29-seventeen.00/3.5 for tire 24.00-29, 29-24.00/three. for tire thirty/65-29, 29-twenty five.00/three.five for tire 29.five-29
                  29-27.00/three.five for tire 33.twenty five-29
33″ sequence: 33-thirteen.00/2.five for tire 18.00-33, 33-28.00/three.five for tire 35/65-33,
35″ series: 35-fifteen.00/3. for tire 21.00-35, 35-27.00/3.five for tire 33.25-35
39″ series: 39-32.00/four.five for tire 37.five-39
45″ sequence: 45-36.00/4.five for tire 45/65-45
forty nine” collection: 49-17.00/3.five for tire 24.00-49
Rough Terrain Crane 25″ sequence: 25-eleven.twenty five/2.0IF for tire 16.00R25, twenty five-thirteen.00/two.5IF for tire eighteen.00R25, twenty five-15.00/3.0IF for tire 21.00R25
                  twenty five-seventeen.00/2.0IF for tire 20.5R25, 25-19.fifty/two.5IF for tire 23.5R25, twenty five-22.00/three.0IF for tire 26.5R25
                  twenty five-twenty five.00/3.5IF for tire 29.5R25, 
                  twenty five-11.25/two. for tire sixteen.00-twenty five, 25-fifteen.00/three. for tire 21.00-25 twenty five-seventeen.00/1.7 for tire twenty.5-twenty five,
                  25-19.fifty/2.5 for tire 23.5-25  twenty five-22.00/three. for tire 26.five-twenty five, 25-twenty five.00/three.5 for tire 29.five-25
29″ sequence: 29-twenty five.00/3.five for tire 29.5R25
All Terrin Crane twenty five” sequence: twenty five-9.fifty/1.7CR for tire fourteen.00-twenty five, 25-eleven.00/one.7CR for tire sixteen.00-twenty five, 25-14.00/1.7CR for tire seventeen.five-twenty five
                  25-17.00/one.7CR for tire seventeen.five-twenty five
Get to Stacker/ Container Handler/ Rubber gantry crane 24″ sequence: 24-eight.five for tire 12.00-24, 24-10. for tire fourteen.00-24, 24-10.00WA for tire fourteen.00R24
twenty five” series: 25-11.25/2. for tire sixteen.00-25, twenty five-thirteen.00/2.5 for tire eighteen.00-twenty five, twenty five-fifteen.00/three. for tire 21.00-twenty five
33″ serise: 33-13.00/two.5 for tire eighteen.00-33
35″ series: 35-fifteen.00/3. for tire 21.00-35
Straddle Provider/Grider Carrier/ Launching Gantry fifteen” sequence: fifteen-nine.seventy five for tire 355/sixty five-fifteen, 15-11.5 for tire 32×14.5-15
seventeen.five” collection: 17.five-6.seventy five for tire 235/75R17.five
eighteen” collection: 18-nine.75 for tire 355/65R18
twenty” sequence: 20-ten.00 for tire fourteen.00-20
22.5″ series: 22.5-eleven.seventy five for tire 385/65R22.5
twenty five” series: twenty five-eleven.25/two.5 for tire sixteen.00-twenty five, 25-13./2.five for tire eighteen.00-twenty five, twenty five-15.00/3. for tire 21.00-25
                  25-seventeen.00/two. for tire 20.5-25, 25-19.50/two.five for tire 23.5-25, 25-22.00/three. for tire 26.5-25
35″ series: 35-15.00/3.five for tire 21.00-35
Aircraft Tug/ Shuttle bus fifteen” sequence: fifteen-6.five for tire eight.25-fifteen, 15-seven. for tire 250/70R15, fifteen-9.75 for tire 355/65R15
19.5″ collection: 19.5-8.25 for tire 285/70R19.five
24″ collection: 24-eight.five for tire 12.00-24, 24-ten. for tire 14.00-24
25″ collection: 25-ten.00/one.five for tire fourteen.00-25, twenty five-eleven.00/1.7CR for tire 445/95R25, twenty five-eleven.25/two. for tire sixteen.00-twenty five
                  twenty five-thirteen.00/2.five for tire eighteen.00-twenty five
Higher load/ Freeway speed/ Sand and more nine” collection: 9-four.00E for tire 6.00-nine
22″ series:22-8.5 for tire 305/70R22, 22-seventeen.00/2. for tire 20.five-22
23″ sequence: 23-11.00/2. for tire 14.00-23, 23-18.00/2. for tire 24.00-23
24″ sequence: 24-11.twenty five/2. for tire 16.00-24
34″ sequence: 34-16.00/one.five
37″ sequence: 37-33.00/3.

Rim factors:




Heavy Duty Multi Pieces OTR Wheel Rim 29-22.00 3.0 for Tyre 26.5r29 30 65r29


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