Joyod Automation Intelligence Opposite Double Head Double Station Screw Locking Machine

JCPT JCPTmatic Opposite Positioned Double Head Double Station JCPT Fastening Device

Tools use:

Again-to-back again double-head double-station screw equipment. With a special back-to-back again design, it can be operated on both sides at the identical time. It has an further long lock stroke and can lock two distinct merchandise at the same time. Suitable for automatic locking of numerous types of customer electronic merchandise, this sort of as cellular phones, cordless phones, calculators, navigators, stereos, cameras, laptops, tablets, understanding machines, tiny appliances, LED gentle modules, keyboards

Device function:

1, with clever detection operate, can detect leak lock, floating lock, sliding enamel, and so on.
two, the overall flexibility is sturdy, the normal common fixture is relevant to the screw lock of different models
3, strong versatility, alternative screw conveyor module, nozzle, batch can be tailored to M1.-M4. screw lock
4, the unit is tiny in dimension, can be effortlessly positioned in the manufacturing line, the purpose is taken ahead of the standard is positioned, and the unmanned procedure is recognized
five, double Y-axis design and style, alternating operation, no choose-and-area item time, at the identical time can lock two different screws in the identical solution, to achieve a single-end completion of lock payment and increase manufacturing efficiency.

Gadget parameters:

Back-to-back double-head double-station screw device specialized parameters
  product   Again-to-Back again Double-Head Double Station JCPT Equipment  technical parameters
  Merchandise model   JYD-S850T-222L
  Effectiveness dimension   100x560x100
  Equipment measurement   650*950*650
  Torque variety   one.-35/
  Feeder   2
  Generate manner   servo motor
  Positioning accuracy   ±0.02mm
  Slider   HIWIN
  Management technique   PLC+TP
  JCPT feeding   vacuum select up
  Program mode    teaching method
  JCPT velocity   1.~1.5s/per screws
  Program recording capability   20group, 200dot/team
  COM port   USB
  Electrical power   AC220V-240V,10A
  Air offer   .five-.7Mpa
  Generate   ≥99.five%
  Item Bodyweight   105KG


Joyod Automation Intelligence Opposite Double Head Double Station Screw Locking Machine