Joyod Russia Double-Head & Double-Station Screw Locking Machine for Lamps, Cellphones, Keyboards, Speakers, Elctronics, Toys


Confront-to-confront double-head double-station screw machine adopts double worktable and double batch head manner, which can at the same time lock two items or diverse varieties of screws of the very same product, which greatly increases the lock-up effectiveness. It’s ideal for computerized locking of screws for different client electronic products, these kinds of as mobile phones, cordless telephones, calculators, navigators, stereos, cameras, notebook computer systems, tablets, learning devices, small appliances, LED modules, keyboards, and so on.


one, with smart detection operate, can detect leak lock, floating lock, sliding tooth, and so on.
two, the overall flexibility is powerful, the common universal fixture is applicable to the screw lock of various types
3, robust flexibility, replacement screw conveyor module, nozzle, batch can be appropriate for M1.-M4. screw lock
four, the device is small in dimensions, can be simply positioned in the creation line, the operate is taken prior to the regular is placed, and the unmanned procedure is understood
5, equipped with double electric powered batch, double screw feeder, the same merchandise can lock two kinds of screws at the very same time, double electric powered batch alternate operation, improve the lock payment effectiveness


  Item name   Experience-to-experience double-head double-station screw machine Technical specification
  Solution design   JYD-S750T-222L
  Effectiveness dimension   150x330x100
  Machine size   750*620*650
  Torque range   one.-35/
  Feeder   two
  Generate manner   AC servo motor
  Positioning precision   ±0.02mm
  Slider   HIWIN
  Manage system   PLC+TP
  JCPT feeding   vacuum pick up
  System method    teaching method
   speed   one.~1.5s/ per screws
  System recording potential   20group,200dot/group
  COM port   USB
  Electrical power   AC220V-240V,10A
  Air supply   .5-.7Mpa
  Produce   ≥99.5%
  Item Weight   95KG



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Joyod Russia Double-Head & Double-Station Screw Locking Machine for Lamps, Cellphones, Keyboards, Speakers, Elctronics, Toys