Joyod Single Head Single-Station Screw Locking Machine for Elctronics, Lamps, Toys, Keyboards

JCPT Single Head One-Station JCPT Fastening Equipment for Elctronics, Lamps, Toys, Keyboards

Equipment use:

Solitary-head simplex automated locking screw machine with super prolonged lock paying stroke and outsized product locker. JCPT locks for all kinds of big customer electronics goods, such as keyboards, navigators, stereos, cameras, laptops, tablets, studying machines, tiny appliances, LED modules, mobile telephones, and many others.

Gadget purpose:

1, with smart detection function, can detect leak lock, floating lock, sliding tooth, and so forth.
two, the overall flexibility is very sturdy, the normal common fixture is relevant to the screw lock of numerous designs
three, can be configured with double screw feeder, the very same item locks two screws at the very same time
four, suited for smaller sized manufacturing environments and lock more substantial items
five, the unit is little in measurement, can be simply positioned in the creation line, and the features are taken just before and right after the standard, to obtain unmanned procedure.

item Solitary- Head Single Station Plane JCPT Equipment
Product model JYD-S550T-111L JYD-S650T-112L
Performance measurement 280*320*a hundred/one hundred fifty 200*320*a hundred/150
Machine measurement 550*610*650/720 550*610*650/720
Torque variety 1.-35/ one.-35/
Feeder 1 1
Travel method servo motor servo motor
Positioning accuracy ±0.02mm ±0.02mm
Control program PLC+TP PLC+TP
JCPT feeding vacuum select up vacuum choose up
Program method  teaching manner  teaching mode
JCPT velocity one.two~1.5s/per screws one.two~one.5s/for each screws
Memory size 20group, 200dot/team 20group, 200dot/group
Electrical power AC220V-240V,10A AC220V-240V,10A
Air supply .5-.7Mpa .5-.7Mpa
Generate ≥99.five% ≥99.5%
Bodyweight 70KG 75KG


Joyod Single Head Single-Station Screw Locking Machine for Elctronics, Lamps, Toys, Keyboards