Linear Guide Dust Cover Size, Linear Guide Market, Cross Linear Guide Installation Method

Linear Guide Dust Cover Size, Linear Guide Market, Cross Linear Guide Installation Method

[linear guidebook specifics]
Xihu (West Lake) Dis. rail, also identified as slide rail, linear guidebook rail, linear guidebook rail is utilised in the situation of linear reciprocating motion. It has larger rated load than linear bearing, and can bear specific torque at the exact same time. It can understand higher-precision linear motion beneath the condition of high load
Double axis manual rail is a sort of guide rail pair of linear movement, which is divided into two groups. They are created-in double axis linear guidebook rail, also known as inner slide rail collection, particularly ISG series double axis manual rail exterior double axis linear manual rail, also identified as external slide rail, specifically OSG collection double axis manual rail. The exterior clamp variety is that the slide block is outside the house the information rail. It is divided into OSG collection exterior clamp double axis manual rail and LGD collection exterior clamp double axis guide rail. The slide block is wider than the information rail. The principal distinction in between the two exterior clamp double axis guidebook rails is that the roller bearings utilised are various
Organization photos
[functions of double axis guide rail]
1. Use in harsh atmosphere: the impact of dust, slicing chips and other impurities on roller guide rail is practically zero.
two. Consequence of separation of roller guide slider and guide rail: for the duration of the set up or exhibit of roller guide rail, the slider can be removed from the manual rail at any time with out any worries.
three. Installation precision needs: the use of assembled precision roller information rail has nearly no impact, preserving time and labor. The assembly time of roller guide is only one / four of that of ball guidebook.
4. Corrosion resistance and rust resistance: double axis center kind slide rail and slide block, axis help seat, substance is aluminum alloy, soon after processing, the surface area is anodized, which is not only gorgeous in appearance and corrosion resistance, but also has exceptional rust resistance result thanks to hard chromium plating on the axis without rust.
5. Eccentric roller: when assembling the roller information, if required, use the concentric roller and eccentric roller for assembly, which can remedy the issue of preload among the slider and the manual, and make sure that the slider moves quickly, effortlessly and without having hole.
6. In comparison with ball manual, roller manual can get quicker transmission pace, much better transmission smoothness and reduced sounds.
7. Higher precision of assembly. The information rail of the roller guidebook rail and the sliding block are assembled like the elastic piston, without having any clearance. The guidebook rail of the ball manual have to be scaled-down than the slider to assemble the slider, so there is a particular gap. The precision is not as great as the roller manual.
Characteristics of double axis information rail: one. Substantial repetitive positioning precision. two. Higher abrasion resistance: the metal shaft is specially hardened, with large abrasion resistance. three. Common, minimal value, price edge. 4. High dust-proof overall performance, the slider adopts roller variety, and dust-proof oil seal is put in on each sides of the slider. 5. The design is distinctive, the guide rail alone is light and simple, and the upkeep is handy.
Double axis guidebook rail has a wide selection of application in the use of mechanical equipment. Pictures tools keep track of, enjoyment equipment slide keep track of, blank coding equipment, vacuum brick coding machine, substantial-finish furniture, drawer cupboard slide observe, semiconductor machinery, mechanical arm, health-related equipment, transportation and shipping machinery, development products, higher-stop show cupboard, jewelry exhibit cabinet, substantial-stop drawer monitor, household furniture monitor slider, screen cupboard base sliding observe, decoration cabinet slide track, kitchen area utensils guide keep track of, residence decoration cell door monitor, and so on.
Value advantage
1. Reduce item price by 50 %
2. Lessen solution assembly time by a single 3rd
3. Decrease mend and replacement fees by a quarter
Large use resistance
The steel shaft is specially hardened and has substantial use resistance
large reliability
one. Eccentric nut design: simple to modify, diverse load must be modified to the most appropriate clearance,
2. Anti free style: eccentric nut type, mounted nut design of bearing guide wheel has anti free perform
1. Repeatability: in three microns
2. Pace: five instances more rapidly than other models, up to 10 meters per 2nd and lower noise
3. Straightness: inside additionally or minus ten microns
4. Adjustable guidebook wheel preloading: under different masses, alter the preloading to make the gap among guide wheel and manual rail reach “zero”
5. Parallel bearing guidebook wheel: improved parallel precision within -6m without obvious mistake
JCPTal style
The product design is solid (combination of aluminum and substantial carbon metal), which can be utilized as assistance or base plate, tremendously decreasing the layout and manufacturing cost and obtaining the optimum gain
Functions of double axis information rail
*7 domestic / foreign distinctive rights: speed Xihu (West Lake) Dis.
*Received the science and Technology Innovation Award in 2001
*Suggested as a effective patent technology
*Produce and common goods
Double axis guidebook engineering
*Repeatability precision: inside of a few microns
*5 moments more rapidly than current types
*Straightness: in furthermore or minus 10 microns
*Adjustable preloading: Zero void normal
*Anti free design: eccentric nut type
Cost of double axis guidebook rail
*fifty% reduction of product cost – (reduction of squander components, time, labor and processing fees)
*Lessen portfolio time by a 3rd
*Reduce upkeep and substitute expenses by a quarter
Qtwstar double axis linear guidebook higher precision:
one. Repetition precision: within 3 microns
two. Pace: 5 instances faster than other designs, up to 10 meters for every 2nd and reduced noise
three. Straightness: inside additionally or minus 10 microns
4. Adjustable manual wheel preloading: below diverse loads, modify the preloading to make the gap between guide wheel and information rail get to “zero”
5. Parallel bearing manual wheel: the parallel precision is enhanced within -6m with no clear
Qtwstar double axis linear information high dependability
Eccentric style, the maker has attained the worldwide registration technology, adjustable preloading to zero gap, adjustment is extremely easy and simple, alter the most appropriate preloading in accordance to the requirements of various excess weight factors
Large precision
Parallel bearing pulley enhances higher precision effect by + / -.02mm, with stroke up to 6m extended with out cumulative error
Higher pace procedure
Vacation up to for each second


Linear Guide Dust Cover Size, Linear Guide Market, Cross Linear Guide Installation Method


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