Mining Explosion-Proof Type  High-Voltage Vacuum Distribution Device

Mining Explosion-Evidence Variety (long term magnet system) Large-Voltage Vacuum Distribution Gadget

The product is mainly applicable in the coal mine with explosive fuel (methane combination), to control, protect and evaluate in the a few-section AC neutral position not directly grounded electrical power offer technique of rated voltage 10KV, 6KV, rated frequency 50Hz.

Complex Parameters

Rated voltage six, ten KV
Rated recent 50, one hundred, one hundred fifty, 200, 300, 400, five hundred, 630 A
Rated frequency fifty HZ
Rated brief-circuit breaking existing 12.five KA
Rated short-circuit creating recent 31.5 KA
Rated peak stand up to existing 31.five KA
Allowable working frequency 180  Times/h
Limited circuit defense action time ≤100 MS
Mechanical existence 100000 Moments
Proportions(W*D*H) 1572* 1384*1321 MM

Composition description
1. The explosion-proof enclosure is composed of a major cavity and  a wiring cavity
2. The entrance doorway has a fast-opening construction and has a mechanical locking function
three. With guide closing and opening, electrical closing and opening functions
four. The wiring cavity is divided into higher and lower cavities, the upper cavity is the electrical power enter line, and the lower cavity is the output line
five. The entrance door is geared up with handle buttons, location buttons, PLC high-voltage thorough protectors, man-machine dialogue show devices, and so on.

Technical positive aspects and purposeful qualities
one. WTG-200 high voltage swap microcomputer integrated protection gadget or PLC programmable controller 
two. The human-computer interaction interface utilizes Chinese shade Lcd display screen, JCPTizable show language. 
three. It has common RS485 conversation interface, gives standard conversation protocol. 
4. Customizable with lighting or heating dehumidification.
5. Comprehensive fault parameters can be displayed, recorded and queried 
6. A countrywide creation patent for a solution.
seven. The large-voltage long lasting magnet vacuum circuit breaker management equipment, with breaking ability is robust and the breaking speed is fast.


Mining Explosion-Proof Type  High-Voltage Vacuum Distribution Device