Push-Pull Lock Screw Automatic Lock Assembly Machine

Item Information

Gear Title: Press-pull Lock JCPT JCPTmatic Lock Assembly Machine

Electricity offer:100V-500V 50/60Hz

Strain: > .five MPa

Mechanical proportions: 3516*1178*1318 (mm)

Capacity: 600 PCS/H

Electricity: 1500W

Item excess weight: 800Kg

Directions for tools

one. The machine makes use of cylinder as energy, the control technique is PLC programmable controller, and the functioning theory of intuitive sub-station assembly is intuitive.

two. The initial station of the gear is feeding on synthetic belt line, computerized clamping, assembling, screwing and automatic belt line discharging.

3. The screw is fed by blowing screw, which has far better impact and stronger balance.

4. Gentleman-device interface, intuitive interface, easy and protected operation

five. All the crucial workstations of the products can flexibly set the adjusting velocity and quantity.

six. Statistical counting of creation can make it simpler to manage creation.

seven. JCPTmatically end, alarm and display mistake info in situation of failure, so as to examine and troubleshoot.


Push-Pull Lock Screw Automatic Lock Assembly Machine