Qr Code Lock

Qr Code Lock

qr code lock

– alone has a code system, code platform and safety of two-dimensional unique patented code recognition technology.Large protection

– the original unique algorithm, according to the different situation of control of two-dimensional code valid time, prevent malicious duplicate.

The two-dimensional code does not report the privacy information of consumers, data through a special encryption processing, stop reading and decoding.

Substantial precision recognition

– low mistake rate to million, reduce the fee of more than 10 times larger than the general digital technology error.

– strong adjustment potential, can set a assortment of parameters, adjust the appropriate precisionaccording to the needs of reading.


O2O marketing mode – Secure two-dimensional code technology power of resort industry andexpand direct landing.

– the hotel and wireless Internet combined, providing innovative marketing and membershipservice platform for high-tech era hotel, bring convenience and experience to consumers.

Ease of use

– the entity card virtualization, comply with the new trend of future intelligent life.

– suitable for a variety of media, non contact type certification, can realize paperless application,overall health and environmental security.


Complex advantage  qr code lock

JCPT recognition



RF Cards

Basic safety


Unique original algorithm, use or controlled by special effective time moments, data encryption, to prevent malicious copy and decoding.

Belongs to the external fixation characteristics,

 easy to be stolen and counterfeit, even if found to be stealing are not able to change.


The chip card information 

with no any permissions to read through, very easy to be copied.






Reduced mistake rate to million, can be adjusted according to the need of precision suitablereading.

High needs for fingerprint, rough, dirty, wet skin or 

damaged fingerprint recognition rate is lower.

Card intact circumstances 

greater identification precision.




The entity card virtualization, applicable to a assortment of mobile units, media, self-help application of convenient, safe, personality, 


In the case of relatively fixed crowd more convenient to use.

The require for multi intelligent system compatibility maintenance

and procedure, the playing cards

should beportable, easy to lose.




Only needs to carry on the software function development 

can be simple to carry out a range ofapplication development.


At the same time, need to input erecting soft hardware and community system, can be extended.


By the card chip information

 capacity constraints, limitations of the extension of the perform of the progressively evident.

Typical applicable instances


Numerous sorts of the need to have for 

identity or authority identifying places, such as hotels, apartments,office buildings, schools, factories

and households.

Reasonably fixed place to use the group, such as home and office.

Now widely utilised in hotels, apartments, 

place of work properties, schools, 

manufacturing facility.

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Qr Code Lock


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