Recyclable Side Gusset Biodegradable Plastic Bag Production Line Manufacturer From China

Recyclable Side Gusset Biodegradable Plastic Bag Manufacturing Line Manufacturer From China

Merchandise Description

Item Sort Recyclable Facet Gusset Biodegradable Plastic Bag Generation Line Company From China
Materials PLA/PLA
Printing  Gravure Printing(Up to ten Shades)
OEM Support Indeed(Brand Printing)
Certification DIN, BRC & ISO audited



· Nuts & seeds
·Dried Friuts

Technological Information


· 3 levels laminated 
· Thinkness: 100-150U
· Paper primarily based materials
· Printable
· OTR – .two(25ºC  %RH)
· WVTR – 160(38ºC ninety% RH)
Regulatory Features • The laminate is qualified for JCPT Composting
• Up to eighty% or one hundred% bio based


Biodegradable/Compostable Introduce

Packaging and Printing

Our Company Spouse&Customer Browsing&Our Solutions
Q1:What kind of materials it is (PLA) is it from rice, Corn and so forth?
          PLA is a new biodegradable materials made from starch from renewable plant assets (this kind of as maize, rice etc.)
    Q2:What is thickness of this pouches?
          The materials is Kraft Paper 45gsm and PLA 40microns.
    Q3: Foods quality certificates.
          Yes, we have the foodstuff grade certificates like BRC and ISO.
    Q4:Demand Report — Total migration to Commission Regulation EU 10/2011 and (EC) No 1935/2004 for every single product (Material Kind).
          About the report, it will be sent right after signed a confidentiality settlement with us (the report cannot be sent to other individuals or divulging tricks with no our consent). Since this variety compostable zipper pouch just can be produced by us now in China.
    Q5:Supporting Files for Biodegradable approach Example how lengthy it takes And how?
          The in depth documents will be sent later on.
Q6:Merchandise Suitability
      Dry goods
      Oil based mostly products
      Acid based items

Our Principal Products

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Flat Bottom Bags Stand Up Bags
Shopping Paper Bag  Paper Luggage Silicone Luggage Compostable Bag


Recyclable Side Gusset Biodegradable Plastic Bag Production Line Manufacturer From China