Stmb Series Cement Retainers Made in China

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Model STWR Wireline Set Sleeve Valve Cement Retainers are used for secondary cementing operations. These drillable retainers established secuJCPT in any hardness casing. A ratchet lock ring merchants the set-ting power in the retainer. The one particular piece packing factor and steel back up rings merge for a superior seal. The situation hardened, 1 piece slips nearly get rid of untimely placing, yet can be simply drilled out. They are offered for four one/two” via twenty” casing.

  • Sets secuJCPT in any hardness casing, including premium grades
  • Ratchet lock rings safe dynamic location force
  • 1 piece packing element and rocker action metal back up rings mix for a superior seal
  • Compact, straightforward operating
  • Can be set straight with Baker wireline placing instruments
  • Shear studs are Baker style and link straight to the Baker Adjuster Sub
  • These retainers can be run straight on Baker Setting
  • Crossovers are not prerequisite
Element Quantity Casing
Casing Wt Setting Variety Tool
Environment kits Seal Nip­ple
  (in) (lbs/ft) Min (in) Max (in) (in) (lbs)      
D22-0450-001 four 1/2 nine.5-sixteen.six 3.826 four.09 3.59   #10 D22-0450-102 D22-0450-
D22-0500-001 five eleven.5-20.8 4.156 four.fifty six 3.93 33,000   D22-0500-one zero one
D22- 0571 -001 five 1/2 13-23 4.fifty eight 5.044 four.31   D22- 0571 -102 D22-0450-
D22-571-001 5 three/4 fourteen-26 4.89 5.29     D22-571-one zero one
D22- 0571 -001 6 5/eight 17-32 five.595 6.135 five.37     D22- 0571 -one zero one  
D22-0700-001 seven 17-35 6.004 six.538 5.68     D22-0700-152  
D22- 0571 -001 seven 5/eight twenty-39 6.625 seven.125 6.31     D22- 0571 -a hundred and one  
D22-0862-001 8 5/8 24-49 seven.511 8.097 seven.twelve     D22-0862-101  
D22-0962-001 nine five/eight 29.3-fifty eight.four eight.435 nine.063 8.twelve   #twenty D22-0962-103 D22-0700-
D22-1075-001 10 three/four 32.75­
nine.sixty six ten.192 nine.43 50,000   D22-1075-101 571
D22-1176-001 eleven three/four 38-60 ten.772 eleven.15 ten.forty three     D22-1176-a hundred and one 012
D22-1175-001 11 three/4 sixty-eighty three ten.192 ten.772 nine.94     D22-1175-a hundred and one  
D22-1337-001 13 3/8 hundred seventy five 12.715 11.88     D22-1337-one hundred and one  
D22-1600-001 16 65-118 14.576 15.25 fourteen.twelve     D22-1600-one hundred and one  
D22-2000-001 20 94-133 18.73 19.124 eighteen.37     D22-2000-101  

Product STMR Tubing Established Sleeve Valve Cement Retainers are employed for secondary cementing operations. These drillable retainers set secuJCPT in any hardness casing. A ratchet lock ring retailers the setting force in the retainer. The 1 piece packing factor and metallic again up rings blend for a outstanding seal. The scenario hardened, a single piece slips nearly eradicate premature setting, yet can be effortlessly drilled out. They are accessible for 4 one/two” through 16″ casing.

  • Sets secuJCPT in any hardness casing, such as quality grades
  • Ratchet lock rings safe dynamic location power
  • One particular piece packing element and rocker action metal back up rings mix for a superior seal
  • Compact, effortless working
  • Pressure JCPTd sleeve valve is opened and closed by tubing manipulation from the area for much better controlSet with Design STSR Mechanical Location Device
Part Variety Casing OD Casing Wt Placing Variety Device OD Launch
Setting Tool
  (in) (lbs/ft) Min (in) Max (in) (in) (lbs)  
D22-0450-002 4 1/2 9.five-sixteen.6 3.826 4.09 three.59   D22-0450-005
D22-0500-002 five 11.five-20.8 four.156 four.fifty six 3.93 33,000
D22- 0571 -002 5 1/two 13-23 four.fifty eight five.044 four.31 D22- 0571 -one hundred and five
D22-571-002 five 3/four 14-26 4.89 five.29   D22-571-005
D22- 0571 -002 6 five/8 seventeen-32 5.595 6.135 5.37   D22- 0571 -005
D22-0700-002 seven seventeen-35 6.004 six.538 five.sixty eight   D22-0700-205
D22- 0571 -002 seven 5/eight 20-39 six.625 7.a hundred twenty five 6.31   D22- 0571 -005
D22-0862-002 eight 5/eight 24-49 7.511 eight.097 seven.12   D22-0862-005
D22-0962-002 9 5/8 29.three-58.4 8.435 9.063 eight.12 50,000 D22-0962-005
D22-1075-002 10 3/four 32.75-60.7 nine.66 ten.192 9.forty three D22-1075-005
D22-1176-002 eleven 3/four 38-sixty ten.772 eleven.fifteen 10.forty three   D22-1176-005
D22-1175-002 11 3/4 60-83 10.192 ten.772 9.94   D22-1175-005
D22-1337-002 thirteen 3/8 twelve.175 12.715 11.88   D22-1337-005
D22-1600-002 16 sixty five-118 fourteen.576 fifteen.twenty five 14.12   D22-1600-005

Model STSS Stinger Seal Assembly is a tubing conveyed latching seal assembly that is utilised to run the sleeve-valve in an STWR Cement retainer earlier established on wireline line. The STSS ought to always be run with a STTC Tubing Centralizer to supply for less complicated entry into the Cement retainer.

  • Supply optimistic management when the perform string is picked up to close the sleeve-valve. Re­engages each time the operate string is decreased to open sleeve-valve
  • Aids prevent seal from pumping out during pumping operations or tubing testing
  • One dimension operates several measurements of retainers
  • Rotate or Snap-out release
  • Can Run with Baker Cement Retainers
STSS part D-two portion amount Casing OD Casing Wt Retainer OD Connection thread
quantity (in) (lbs/ft) (in)
    four one/two 9.5-16.6 3.fifty nine  
D22-0450-571 D22-0450-012 5 eleven.five-twenty.8 three.93 2 three/eight”-8RD EU
5 1/2 13-23 4.31
    five three/four 14-26 4.7  
    6 5/eight seventeen-32 five.37  
    seven seventeen-35 five.sixty eight  
    seven 5/eight 20-39 six.31  
    eight 5/8 24-forty nine seven.twelve  
    9 5/8 29.three-58.four 8.12  
D22-0700-571 D22-0700-012 10 three/4 32.seventy 9.43 2 7/eight”-8RD EU
    eleven three/4 38-sixty 10.43  
    eleven 3/4 60-eighty three 9.ninety four  
    thirteen three/eight 48-80.7 eleven.88  
    16 65-118 14.12  
    20 94-133 18.37  

Product STTC Tubing Centralizer is employed to heart the tubing and supply for less complicated entry into an STWR Cement retainer formerly established by wireline.

  • Offer constructive manage and enables a single measurement Tubing centralizer to include a big assortment of casing weights.
  • Most components are typical to the STSR Mechanical Setting Instrument.
  • Permits tubing torque to be transmitted to resources underneath.
Element number Casing OD Casing Wt Connection thread ID
(in) (lbs/ft) (in)
D22-0450-011 four one/two nine.five-16.6 two three/8″-8RD EU 1
5 11.five-20.8
five 1/2 23
D22- 0571 -011 5 one/two 13-23
5 3/four 14-26
D22- 0571 -011 six 5/8 seventeen-32    
D22-0700-011 7 seventeen-35    
D22- 0571 -011 seven 5/8 twenty-39    
D22-0862-011 8 5/eight 24-49    
D22-0962-011 9 5/eight 29.3-fifty eight.4    
D22-1075-011 10 3/four 2 7/8″-8RD EU two.50
D22-1176-011 11 3/four 38-sixty    
D22-1175-011 eleven three/four 60-eighty three    
D22-1337-011 thirteen three/eight    
D22-1600-011 16 65-118    
D22-2000-011 20 ninety four-133    

Stmb Series Cement Retainers Made in China