Taper Lock Hub and Adapter Locking Devices

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This mechanical flange are developed for use with the universally recognized taper lock bush. They give a handy indicates of securing admirer rotors,impellers, agitators and other devices which need to be fastened firmly to shafts.

Adaptors for Taper Lock bushes are accessible for use in parallel bored elements, either keyed (KM) or simple (PM) thus removing the require to drill, faucet and taper-bore.

Flangle adapter and taper bored to obtain normal Taper Lock bushes.The shouldered outer  diameter provides a handy means of welding hubs into supporter rotors, metal pulleys, plate sprockets, impellers, agitators and a lot of other products which have to be  firmly fixed to the shaft.

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Taper Lock Hub and Adapter Locking Devices