Waterproof Valve Meter Box with Hinge

Waterproof Valve Meter Box with Hinge

water-resistant valve meter box with hinge

Product code: VB104A
Content: SMC (sheet molding compound)
Clear opening (DN): 200mm
Loading capacity: BS EN124: A15
1. No recycling value
2. High erosion resistance
3. Desirable breakage security
four. Shock-resistance

 High load functionality
Jinmeng composite manhole handles with amazingly robust monolithic framework will not delaminate, which establishes its high loading capability, meeting and exceeding A15/B125/C250/D400/E600 loading score, according to BS EN124: 1994, certificated by BSI, BV, Eurofins, and so on.

Theft aversion & protection
Jinmeng composite manhole addresses have no resale price and cannot be offered as scrap. Making use of the Jinmeng unique lock unit can make the highway safer.

JCPTness and handiness
Jinmeng composite handles are thirty% lighter of the weight of steel or iron beneath identical load rating. 1 of the positive aspects is straightforward to remove and replace. This quality fitted with unique ergonomic lifting device gets rid of risk of installer’s injuries.

Lengthy, sturdy service existence
Jinmeng composite manhole addresses continue to execute properly even following thirty a long time in services.

Covers can be made with emblem of the agency, and inscription printed on entrance side. There is also chance of producing covers and/or frames in different colours so as to determine specific services or offer you aesthetical benefit to the laying of handles and surroundings.

Significantly less cost of transportation, set up and utilization
one. JCPT bodyweight of each and every single cover also reflects into appreciable reduction of transportation bills.

two. In contrast with composite substance, service lifestyle of iron manhole protect is about 8 years and needs more cost of manpower and set up ( demands far more than two installers) with prospective harm and flaws of becoming susceptible to be stolen or changed.

three. Underneath regular targeted traffic condition and suitable set up (requires only one particular installer), provider life of Jinmeng composite manhole cover is thirty many years and will not break, corrode, which also indicates free of charge maintenance and zero value of alternative during the existence cycle. So the composite manhole include is a far better option.

Higher solidity and balance
Frame with reinforcing ribs design ensures that bordering concrete construction cements with body firmly, which prevents displacement and cracking, unlike concrete and BMC, Jinmeng composite manhole cover will not crumble or crack. Jinmeng composite manhole go over also has the edge of substantial stability, for case in point:
one. Non-conducting
2. Athermic
three. Chemical inertness
4. Obtaining an proper performing below the very undesirable climate (-40 diploma-two hundred degree)
5. Anti-UV
six. Friction resisting

Anti-slip design and style
Special anti-slip surface design with varieties of tread kind of Jinmeng has good performance of slip-resistance in guaranteeing pedestrians and vehicles’safety in soaked or some severe-weather conditions.

Shockproof and waterproof
Rubber sealing amongst go over and body enhances frame’s wearing house, which reduces sound and friction upon passing of vehicles or persons. Jinmeng also offer watertight solution if essential. Jinmeng D400 and C250 composite manhole handles can be totally sealed in opposition to h2o.

Environmental pleasant
The reduce amount of CO2 unveiled in environment is related to lower fat of every single single go over. When compared with iron manhole cover, loading and transporting on vans a variety of composite manhole covers would have subsequent reduction of pollution owing to reduce number of transports.

Dimension JCPTrks
Clear  Open  115x245mm              A15+ Cover  Dia  200x400mm For  road  lamps
Clear  Open  245x245mm              B125,   C250,   D400 Cover  Dia  300x300mm  For  fuel  gas  manhole 
Clear  Open  250x250mm              A15+,   B125 Cover  Dia  300x300mm  For  fuel  gas  manhole 
Clear  Open  255x395mm            A15+,   B125 Cover  Dia  300x450mm   
Clear  Open  345x485mm            A15+ Cover  Dia  400x500mm  For  road  lamps
Clear  Open  350x515mm            A15+,   B125 Cover  Dia  400x500mm   
Clear  Open  355x355mm            A15+,   B125,   C250 Cover  Dia  400x400mm  
Clear  Open  450x450mm        A15+,   B125,   C250 Cover  Dia  500x500mm  
Clear  Open  550x550mm       A15+,   B125,   C250 Cover  Dia  600x600mm  
Clear  Open  600x600mm         C250,   D400 Cover  Dia  650x650mm Antistatic,   watertight  with  lock 
Clear  Open  450x600mm            C250,   D400 Cover  Dia  500x650mm Antistatic,   watertight  with  lock 
Clear  Open  560x720mm              B125,   C250,   D400  Cover  Dia  600x800mm   
Clear  Open  600x900mm              B125,   C250,   D400  Cover  Dia  760x1060mm  Antistatic,   watertight  with  lock 

Waterproof Valve Meter Box with Hinge


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