Wheel Load Wheel Motor Grader Wheel

Wheel Load Wheel Motor Grader Wheel

Specialized in producing and exporting all varieties of tyres and wheels to all more than the planet.And we can provide wheel rims and tires,and are specifically specialist in truck wheel,agricultural wheel and assemblies and elements for OTR wheel and engineering wheel with multi-parts for earthmover.

And we have dealt OTR wheel for numerous a long time. The major markets of us are Australia, South Africa, South The united states, North The united states (Canada) and Asia. We also offer OEM services to numerous vehicle factories not only in domestic but also abroad,and now obtainable a wide variety of Earthmover wheels with diam from 20″ to 63″ for mine, underground, port and bridge, etc. And the rim components this kind of as bead bands, lock rings, facet rings also can be supplied.

Parts are also can be equipped these kinds of as
– rim foundation,
– bead seat band,
– lock ring,
– side ring/flange
– Drive essential
– Travel pocke
– Gutter area
– Back segment


We can offer all types of steel wheel rims for several models which you can see below.

And other than 24 inch OTR wheels, we also have pursuing dimensions of OTR wheels.

Dia Wheel size Tire size
8″ four.33R-eight 16×6-eight
3.00D-eight five.00-8 15*4 1/two-eight
nine” four.00E-09 6.00-nine
six.00E-09 21×8-9
ten” five.00F-10 7.fifty-10
six.50F-ten two hundred/500-10
twelve” 8.00G-12 27×10-twelve
five.00S-12 eight.twenty five-12
fifteen” 5.fifty-15 7.00-15
five.fifty-15 seven.00-fifteen
6.00-15 8.twenty five-fifteen
six.50-15 7.fifty-fifteen
7.00-15 250-15
7.fifty-15 250-fifteen
8.00-15 three hundred-15
sixteen.5-15 8.twenty five-fifteen
sixteen.five-fifteen 8.25-15
15-9.75/one.37 twelve.00-fifteen
fifteen-11.00/1.5 fourteen.5-fifteen
fifteen-11.50/1.5 SOLID TYRE
16″ sixteen-eight.00/.eighty three 11L-sixteen
sixteen.five-eight.25/.5 ten-16.5
16.five-9.75/.five twelve-16.5NHS
16.five-9.75/.7 12-16.5NHS
seventeen.five” 17.five-ten.50/.five 14-seventeen.5NHS
eighteen” eighteen-nine.00/1. twelve.five/eighty-eighteen
twenty” twenty-seven.00/1.7 nine.00-20
twenty-seven.fifty/1.7 ten.00-twenty
twenty-8./one.7 11.00-20
20-eight.five/one.7 12.00-20
20-9.00/one.seven 13.00-twenty
twenty-10.00/1.7 14.00-twenty
20-ten.00/one.88 SOLID TYRE
20-ten.00/two. fourteen.00-20
20-eleven.00/one.67 twelve.5-twenty
20-twelve.00/2. 15.5-twenty
20-13.00/1. 16/70-20
20-fourteen.00/2. seventeen.five-twenty
20-15.00/1.7 18L-twenty
20-fifteen.30/2. five hundred/70-508
21″ 21-11.twenty five/two. SOLID TYRE
21-seventeen.00/two. twenty.00-21
21-18.00/1.seven 24.00-21
21-eighteen.00/one.five 24.00R21
22″ 22-fourteen.00/one.7  
23″ 23-nine.twenty five/1.75 SOLID TYRE
23-eleven.00/one.five fourteen.00-23
23-eighteen.00/2. 24.00-23
24″ 24-8.00/one.7 thirteen.00-24
24-8.50/one.7 12.00-24
24-10.00/1.seven twelve-24 14.00-24 13.00R24
24-11.twenty five/two. 16.00-24
24-fifteen.00/1. seventeen.five-24
24-sixteen.00/one.1 19.five-24
25″ 25-8.50/1.3 13.00-twenty five
twenty five-nine.fifty/one.seven 14.00R25
twenty five-ten.00/1.five fourteen.00-twenty five
twenty five-11.00/1.seven  
25-eleven.25/2. 16.00-25
twenty five-12.00/one.three fifteen.fifty-twenty five
twenty five-thirteen.00/2.5 18.00-twenty five
twenty five-14.00/2. 17.fifty-25
twenty five-fourteen.00/one.five 17.50-twenty five
twenty five-fifteen.00/three. 21.00-25
twenty five-seventeen.00/1.7 20.50-25
twenty five-17.00/two. twenty.50-25
25-19.fifty/2.five 23.50-twenty five
25-22.00/1.eighty four 26.fifty-25
25-22.00/3. 26.fifty-twenty five
twenty five-24.00/two.five 29.fifty-twenty five
twenty five-25.00/three.5 29.fifty-twenty five
25-30.00/1.5 67×34.00-25
25-36.00/1.five 24.00R35
26″ 26-sixteen.00/one.one 18.4-26
26-20.00/one.one 23.1-26
27″ 27-21.50/24  
27-23.50/two.five 57×25-27/50
27-24.fifty/two.four 26.00-27
28″ 28-15.00/1. sixteen.9-28
29″ 29-seventeen.00/3.five 24.00-29
29-22.00/three. 26.fifty-29
29-24.00/3.5 776/65R29
29-twenty five.00/three.five 29.5-29
29-27.00/three.five 33.25R29
33″ 33-thirteen.00/2.five 18.00-33
33-seventeen.00/3.5 24.00-33
33-22.00/four. 27.00-33
33-28.00/3.5 35/65-33
33-32.00/four.five 37.five-33
34″ 34-14.00/1.three  
34-sixteen.00/1.5 53×18-34
35″ 35-15.00/3. 21.00-35
35-17.00/3.5 24.00-35
35-22.00/three.5 24.00-25
25-27.00/three.five 33.twenty five-35
35-31.00/4. 37.twenty five-35
39″ 39-28.00/4. 33.fifty-39
39-32.00/4.5 forty/65-39
forty five” forty five-36.00/4.five 45/65R45
forty nine” 49-17.00/three.5 24.00-forty nine
forty nine-19.50/forty 27.00-49
49-22.00/three.5 31/eighty-49
51″ 51-22.00/three.  
51-24.00/five. 33.00-51
fifty one-26.00/five. 36.00-51
51-28.00/4.five 50/65R51
fifty one-40.00/4.5 fifty/60-fifty one
57″ 57-27.00/6. 37.00R57
57-29.00/6. 40.00R57
fifty seven-32.00/6. forty six/90-fifty seven
fifty seven-34.00/6. 50/ninety-57
57-36.00/6. 50/80-57
57-forty four.00/6. 55.5/80-57
57-47.00/6. 60/80R57
63″ 63-36.00/five. fifty three/80R63
sixty three-38.00/5. fifty three/80R63
sixty three-41.00/five. fifty six/80R63
sixty three-forty four.00/five. 59/80R63

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Wheel Load Wheel Motor Grader Wheel


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