Yl-1100PC Multifunctonal Automatic High-Speed Carton Box Folder Gluer Equipment

(one)Independent motor frequency management
(2)Imported paper belt:1 sets/seven stripe  
(3) Vibration program : one sets
(4) Paper blowing method: one particular sets

Aligner part:
(1)Impartial area with an unparallel reduce provider that guides the box to a parallel handrail that enables a best blank alignment.

Pre-fold device:

(1)On the still left a hundred and eighty degrees pre-folding, on the right third line a hundred thirty five degrees pre-folding
(two)The 3rd indentation line 135 degree pre-folding 
(3) 1st  and 3rd crease openers.
(four)XCS specific bearing
(5) Inlet transfer folding belt: one particular set/ten stripe

The base of the hook:
(1)Inlet conveyer belt: one established /8 stripe
(two)XCS unique bearing
(three) Lock base assembly add-ons: 1 established

The final folding unit:
(one)properly finishing the 2th line, the fourth line of one hundred eighty °
(two) abduction  up to 180 ° is adjustable, and can be independently managed of motor velocity
(three)Two sets of carriers with 25mm base belt and 30mm bending belt
(four)The width can be adjustable to the hefty roller. (optional tools)

Output unit:
(1)Upper and decrease carrier generate system for lengthwish adjustment
(two)Equipped with automated belt stress- adjusting system.
(three) Continous and computerized  box collection system that guarantees  a neat transfer to push  section, guaranteeing a well aligmned circulation.

(one)Frequency control, linkage with the host
(2) Pneumatic level regulator, a broad variety of pressure, force before and right after the JCPT.

Servo motor anti-hook device:
(1)Two set of anxis guarantee that anti-hook folding movement is correct, and the setting can be simply finished by the touch display.

The hook device :
(1)JCPT servo motor drive control electronic anti-hook method.

The standard parameters:

Liner box

Design Lmax Lmin Wmax Wmin Hmax Hmin 
YL-1100PC 700mm 80mm 1100mm 130mm 535mm 60mm

Bottomlock box

Model  Lmax Lmin Wmax Wmin Hmax Hmin
YL-1100PC 700mm 90mm 1100mm 170mm 535mm 80mm

four-corner box

 Model Lmax Lmin Wmax Wmin Hmax Hmin
YL-1100PC 800mm 130mm 1100mm 120mm 150mm 20mm

six-corner box

 Model Lmax Lmin Wmax Wmin Hmax Hmin
YL-1100PC 800mm 130mm 1100mm 250mm 150mm 30mm

About us:

 one. What is the device warranty?
   one calendar year.
two. Does your equipment with CE certification?
3. Does the packing sturdy?
   Yes, of system! All of our export packing is with sturdy picket pallets, all are verified to export packing standard.
4. How about soon after-sales services method?
   When your device has issue, get in touch with your revenue and we will remedy your issue as before long as feasible.
5. Are you company?
   Yes, we are maker, and we have been in this area for a lot more than ten a long time.
six. Do you inspect the completed items?
    Yes, we have QC division, they will inspection the machine ahead of delivery, to ensure there is absolutely nothing difficulty of the equipment.
seven. Do you have your specialized crew?
    Yes, we have our very own specialized team and we have our possess patents. 
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Yl-1100PC Multifunctonal Automatic High-Speed Carton Box Folder Gluer Equipment