3′x6′4″ Drop Lock Walk Thru Frame Scaffold

3’x6’4″ Fall Lock Stroll Through Body Scaffolding Produced By High Strength Steel Construction For United states and Canada Marketplace to Be Connected By Cross Braces Among Two Major Vertical Body and Coupling Pin, Spring Clips, Foundation Jack, U Head Jack, J Head Jack. 
Safety is Life of Scaffolding Manufacturer, ZheJiang  Wellmade Scaffold Controls Scaffolding Quality By Strict Management System and Own Independent Testing Throughout Full Production Processes On  
1) Raw Materials Steel Testing 
2) Welding Line Testing 
3)  Loading Capacity Testing 
4)  Scaffold Elements Assembly Inspection
With 50,000m2 Scaffolding and Pipe Rolling Production Area, Strict Quality Controlling and Management System, ZheJiang  Wellmade Scaffold Awards Good Reputation on Safety Scaffolding Products Among Clients from 49 Countries. 


Item Code Width Peak
WSF001 3′(914.4) 4′(1219.2)
WSF002 3′(914.4) 5′(1524)
WSF003 3′(914.four) 6’8″(2032)
WSF004 5′(1524) 6’8″(2032)

B.Apartment Frame

Item Code Width Top
WSF005 3′(914.four) 8’8″(2641.six)
WSF006 3′(914.4) 10’8″(3251.2)
WSF007 3′(914.four) 11’8″(3556)

C.Walk Through Frame w/18″ Ladder

Item Code Width Height
WSF008 3′(914.4) 4′(1219.two)
WSF009 3′(914.four) 5′(1524)
WSF571 3′(914.4) 6’8″(2032)
WSF011 5′(1524) 6’8″(2032)

D.Apartment Frame w/18″ Ladder

Item Code Width Height
WSF012 3′(914.4) 8’8″(2641.six)
WSF013 3′(914.4) 10’8″(3251.two)
WSF014 3′(914.4) 11’8″(3556)

E.Box Frame

Item Code Width Top
WSF015 3′(914.four) 4′(1219.2)
WSF016 3′(914.4) twenty”(508)
WSF017 3′(914.4) forty”(1016)
WSF018 5′(1524) 20″(508)
WSF019 5′(1524) forty”(1016)

F.Mason Frame

Item Code Width Peak
WSF571 5′(1524) 4′(1219.two)
WSF571 5′(1524) 5′(1524)
WSF571 5′(1524) 6’8″(2032)

G.Ladder Frame

Item Code Width Height
WSF571 2′(609.six) 5′(1524)
WSF571 2′(609.6) 6’8″(2032)
WSF571 3′(914.four) 6’8″(2032)
WSF026 3′(914.four) 5′(1524)

2.Flip Lock Frame (one.625″ OD)
A.Walk Through Frame

Item Code Width Top
WFF001 3′(914.4) 5’1″(1549.4)
WFF002 3′(914.4) 6’7″(2006.6)
WFF003 5′(1524) 6’7″(2006.6)

B.Mason Frame

Item Code Width Top
WFF004 5′(1524) 2’1″(635)
WFF005 5′(1524) 3’1″(939.eight)
WFF006 5′(1524) 4’1″(1244.6)
WFF007 5′(1524) 5’1″(1549.4)
WFF008 5′(1524) 6’7″(2006.6)

C.Ladder Frame

Item Code Width Height
WFF009 3′(914.4) 3’1″(939.eight)
WFF571 3′(914.four) 4’1″(1244.six)
WFF011 3′(914.4) 5’1″(1549.4)
WFF012 3′(914.four) 6’7″(2006.six)
WFF013 29″(736.6) 5′(1524)
WFF014 29″(736.six) 6’7″(2006.six)

three.Fast Lock Frame(1.625″ OD)
A.Walk Through Frame

Item Code Width Height
WFLF001 3′(914.4) 6’7″(2006.6)
WFLF002 5′(1524) 6’7″(2006.six)
WFLF003 42″(1066.eight) 6’7″(2006.6)

B.Mason Frame

Item Code Width Height
WFLF004 5′(1524) 3’1″(939.8)
WFLF005 5′(1524) 4’1″(1244.six)
WFLF006 5′(1524) 5’1″(1549.four)
WFLF007 5′(1524) 6’7″(2006.6)

C.Narrow Frame

Item Code Width Top
WFLF008 27 5/eight”(701.675) 3’1″(939.8)
WFLF009 27 5/eight”(701.675) 5’1″(1549.four)
WFLF571 27 5/eight”(701.675) 6’7″(2006.six)
WFLF011 3′(914.4) 5’1″(1549.4)
WFLF012 3′(914.four) 6’7″(2006.6)

four.Drop Lock Frame(one.69″ OD)
A.Walk Through Frame

Item Code Width Top
WDF001 3′(914.4) 5′(1524)
WDF002 3′(914.four) 6’4″(1930.4)
WDF003 42″(1066.eight) 6’4″(1930.4)
WDF004 5′(1524) 6’4″(1930.4)

B.Mason Frame

Item Code Width Peak
WDF005 5′(1524) 3′(914.four)
WDF006 5′(1524) 4′(1219.two)
WDF007 5′(1524) 5′(1524)
WDF008 5′(1524) 6’4″(1930.4)

C.Narrow Frame

Item Code Width Peak
WDF009 2′(609.six) 3′(914.four)
WDF571 2′(609.six) 5′(1524)
WDF011 2′(609.six) 6’4″(1930.4)

5.Vanguard Lock Frame(one.sixty nine” OD)
A.Walk Through Frame

Item Code Width Peak
WVF001 3′(914.four) 5′(1524)
WVF002 3′(914.4) 6’4″(1930.4)
WVF003 42″(1066.eight) 6’4″(1930.4)
WVF004 5′(1524) 6’4″(1930.four)

B.Mason Frame

Item Code Width Height
WVF005 5′(1524) 3′(914.4)
WVF006 5′(1524) 4′(1219.2)
WVF007 5′(1524) 5′(1524)
WVF008 5′(1524) 6’4″(1930.4)

C.Narrow Frame

Item Code Width Top
WVF009 2′(609.6) 3′(914.4)
WVF571 2′(609.6) 5′(1524)
WVF011 2′(609.6) 6’4″(1930.four)

6.Shoring Frame

Item Code Width Peak
WSF001 2′(609.6) 3′(914.four)
WSF002 2′(609.six) 4′ (1219.2)
WSF003 2′(609.6) 5′(1524)
WSF004 2′(609.six) 6′(1828.8)
WSF005 4′ (1219.two) 3′(914.four)
WSF006 4′ (1219.2) 4′ (1219.2)
WSF007 4′ (1219.two) 5′(1524)
WSF008 4′ (1219.two) 6′(1828.8)

8.Locking Pin
10.Coupling Pin
12.JCPT Jack And Base Plate
thirteen.Cross Brace
A.Punch-Hole Cross Braces

Item Code “A” “B” “C”
WFB01 5′(1524) 3′(914.four) 69.97″(1777.24)
WFB02 7′(2133.6) 3′(914.4) ninety one.39″(2321.31)
WFB03 10′(3048) 3′(914.4) a hundred twenty five.28″(3182.1)
WFB04 5′(1524) 4′(1219.2) seventy six.84″(1951.74)
WFB05 7′(2133.six) 4′(1219.two) ninety six.75″(2457.45)
WFB06 10′(3048) 4′(1219.2) 129.24″(3282.seven)

B.Snap-On Cross Brace

Item Code “A” “B” “C”
WFB07 5′(1524) 32″(812.8) 68″(1727.two)
WFB08 5′(1524) 4′(1219.two) seventy six.eighty four”(1951.seventy four)
WFB09 10′(3048) 32″(812.8) 89.89″(2283.2)
WFB10 5′(1524) 4′(1219.two) ninety six.seventy five”(2457.forty five)
WFB11 7′(2133.6) 32″(812.eight) 124.19″(3154.forty three)
WFB12 10′(3048) 4′(1219.2) 129.24″(3282.seven)

14.Guard Rail
A.Punch-Hole Guard Rail

Item Code “L” Tube OD
WFR1 3′(914.four) 1″(twenty five.four)
WFR2 5′(1524) one”(twenty five.4)
WFR3 6′(1828.eight) one”(25.four)
WFR4 7′(2133.6) one”(twenty five.4)
WFR5 10′(3048) one.25″(31.75)

B.Snap-on Guard Rail

Item Code “L” Tube OD
WFR6 3′(914.four) 1″(twenty five.4)
WFR7 5′(1524) one”(twenty five.four)
WFR8 7′(2133.six) one”(twenty five.four)
WFR9 10′(3048) 1.twenty five”(31.75)

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