Stainless Steel Double Split Shaft Collar

Our products including:
-Set screw shaft collar,One piece clamp shaft collar,Two piece clamp shaft collar
-Set screw rigid coupling,One piece clamp rigid coupling,Two piece clamp coupling



Simply slide these collars onto a shaft and tighten the SHCS screws to hold the collar in place. Collars are easy to adjust with their SHCS screws.

Material:  Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum

Surface Treatment:  Plain, Black Oxide, Zinc Plating, Nickle Plating

Bore Range: 3/16″ to 4-15/16″

Screws installed


Application: Toy, Automotive, instrument, electrical equipment, household appliances, furniture, mechanical equipment,daily living equipment, electronic sports equipment, light industry products, sanitation machinery,market/ hotel equipment supplies, artware etc.

Shaft collar is a simple but important mechanical component. It is widely used in Power Transmission applications, such as motors and gearboxes. The Shaft collars are used as mechanical stops, locating components, and bearing faces. The simple design lends itself to easy installation

–Set screw type/ Set Screw Shaft Collar
–Single Split Collar / One-piece Shaft Collar
–Double Split Collar / Two-piece Shaft Collar
–One-Piece Threaded Collar
–Double wide shaft collar

Set screw type is the most effective when used on a shaft made of a material which is softer than the set screw.

Threaded shaft collars offer the same quality and benefits of smooth bore Collars, meanwhile providing additional features. Threaded collars provide axial holding power which is superior to smooth bore collars, while offering easier installation and adjustment than solid ring locking devices.

One-piece shaft collars wrap around the shaft for even distribution of clamping forces. This results in a tight fit and greater holding power, without the shaft damage caused by set screws. Clamp collars are easy to remove, indefinitely adjustable, and work well on virtually any shaft.

Two-piece shaft collars offer the same benefits as one-piece shaft collars with additional versatility and convenience. The split design is easily installed and disassembled, reducing labor and downtime when adjustment, removal, or replacement is necessary. These clamping forces provide the collar with a holding power superior to one-piece and set screw shaft collars.

Unik Shaft Collar Features:
Superior fit, finish and holding power.
Tightly controlled face to bore perpendicularity.
Bore size stamped on every shaft collar.
Black oxide finish produces holding power and resisting corrosion.
DIN 12.9 for metric screws for maximum torque ability.
black oxide and zinc-plated steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum

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