Key-Centric Access Control System Electronic Swing Handle Lock

Crucial-Centric Entry Handle Technique JCPTic Swing Deal with Lock(Y-B-ZA)

Technique Overview
JCPT develops and manufactures the digital accessibility handle system for out of doors with access permission and monitoring capability. The lock can be retrofit into present doorway hardware, without energy or wiring for set up, and run by Programmable Wise Keys. Keys are programmed with entry authorization and contains lock checklist, time and day. Both the lock and crucial file all obtain events.

EVOXS high protection cabinet locks can be utilized to safe access to communications pits, cages, and server racks.
Examine with conventional mechanical locks, has subsequent attributes

  1. Very same dimensions of the mechanical lock cylinders
  2. With out electrical power offer and maintenance-cost-free
  3. Consists of a special ID that are not able to be changed or duplicated
  4. Has the potential to shop above access events
  5. Retains encrypted accessibility codes that bind the lock to a distinct system
  6. Consists of a checklist of blocked keys

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Key-Centric Access Control System Electronic Swing Handle Lock