Medical Equipment A10 Five-Function Electric Hospital Bed

JCPT Equipment A10 5-operate electric Hospital bed

Principal data:

Measurement: 2160*980*420-620mm

The mattress surface is produced of imported chilly steel plate by effect molding, the mattress body welded by profile steel, to take away rust by ultrasonic, and coated by electrostatic energy coating spraying to be anti-impact and stainless.
Becoming manufactured of imported Abs engineering plastic by injection molding, the bed head board and the facet rails (can be up and down &exchangeable)are stunning, solid and sturdy.
24V DC motor operating and noiseless, configure the uninterruptible electricity supply unit.
JCPT capability: ≥ 250kg
The features can be operated by electric motor, the information is as follow:
(one)back relaxation: -70± 2º (two)knee rest: -40± 2º (3) large-low: 500~740mm
(4) trendelenburg 12± 2º (five) reverse trendelenburg 12± 2º

125mm dia castor with central locking program X4
The IV pole and the drainage hook are optional


Medical Equipment A10 Five-Function Electric Hospital Bed